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JonasaJaus Tarot(second edition)

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Jonasa Jaus Tarot is my first self-published work.

My tarot is a version of marsella´s tarot. I read the book EL TAROT DE MARSELLA RESTAURADO O “ EL ARTE DEL TAROT” written by Alejandro Jodorowsky and that book inspired me.
I made my own vision of the tarot relating medicinal plants, flowers and insects with the meanings that Alejandro Jodorowsky explained in his book.
The meanings of each card are the same as those of the tarot of Marseilles but with my conceptual drawings about it.
This is my second version of the tarot. The same drawings but adding more information: above, the number of the letter (in Roman numerals) according to the deck of Alexander Jodorowsky.
And below, the name in Galician.
I also added a piece of a poem I've always liked. It is of Rosalia de Castro and belongs to the book ORILLAS DEL SAR.


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Complete Tarot
Mesures: 5,5 x 2,3 inches,
paper 300 grs.

Tarot Completo
medidas: 14x 6 cm,
papel de 300 grs.